Jordan Spieth wants 2017 to be more fun, avoid having a ‘short fuse’

Jordan Spieth wants to flash the pearly whites a little more in 2017, and, aside from perhaps getting revenge at Augusta National, enjoy his professional life a little more.

“Honestly, I want to have a lot more fun,” Spieth said Tuesday at the Sony Open in Hawaii, in Honolulu. “I want to smile more on the golf course. I want to just feel like I’m really enjoying the process of playing and living out my dream.”

Spieth said he wants more in 2017 than the two PGA Tour and three total worldwide wins last year, but he also said he needs to acknowledge that it’s not going to come as easy as it did in 2015, something he admitted he failed to do at times post-Masters.

“I think there were certainly times where my fuse was a little too short,” he said. “I mean, people go through those kind of stretches. I don’t know, just here and there, complained a bit where it was unnecessary. Just when I’m talking to [caddie] Michael [Greller] and stuff. It doesn’t do any good.”

A slightly more Zen approach for Spieth doesn’t imply that he would be alright posting rounds in the 80s, or that he’ll sudden become Pedro Cerrano through most of “Major League 2.” That’s not the case. Rather, Spieth just wants to know when to start the fire and have a better handle on how quickly to turn up the heat.

“It doesn’t mean not be angry at bad rounds or bad holes, because that’s natural and that’s how you bounce back. If you were okay with bogeys, then it would be harder to go on a birdie string right after,” he said. “But it just means not taking it to that extra level and just, you know, recognizing what happened and then fix it.”

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